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1. About Compucon Computers

Quality Made for You

Established in Australia in 1990, Compucon is an IT solutions partner, specialised in platform engineering, aided by strong alliances with leading technology manufacturers and a long history of building reliable, customised Servers, Personal Computers and Workstations. Compucon is a wholesale distributor. A value-added reseller network provides diverse specialised services.

Recognized for quality products and outstanding service.
Solutions developed with specialist engineering partners.
Computer Peripherals (esp. AOC Monitors).
Computer Components.
Storage Technologies (esp. QNAP NAS).

Systems engineered for Reliability, Flexibility & Expandability:
Custom Made Servers (esp. Supermicro; Intel-based).
Heat-tested models for strategic Defence installations.
Custom Made Personal Computers.
Custom Made Professional Workstations.

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Xiamen City

1.3. A Long History of Quality

Over 20 Years of Quality Made for You

Compucon is proud of over two decades of building reliable, flexible, expandable personal computers, servers and workstations.

Unsolicited testimonials received in 2010 show that we maintained excellent standards throughout this time:

"It's by far the very best PC that I've ever seen, in terms of the case, power supply, and the extraordinary measures that they've gone to with the cabling. Also, the packaging was superb, and the folder with the manuals and driver disks was impressive. I've bought many PCs over the past 24 years, and this is the most impressive without a doubt."

Phil Young
Former President
Sydney PC Users Group

"...comments from one of my recent Compucon PC customers (Phil Young). Perhaps you could also pass this on to the guys in your "build" area to show their efforts are well appreciated. Of course I've known this for the past 18 years or so I've been selling Compucon machines."

Peter McDonell
McDonell Business Solutions

1.4. Environmental Responsibility

Computer & Monitor Recycling

Compucon contributes financially to Australia's National Computer Recycling SchemeExternal Website Link (new window) that aims to recover most of the materials used to make all the computer equipment we supply. Free drop-off pointsExternal Website Link (new window) are located throughout Australia.

Energy Efficiency

World-class Minimum Energy Performance StandardsExternal Website Link (new window) ensure that our computer equipment includes appropriate power-saving technologies. All monitors feature a prominent energy rating labelExternal Website Link (new window) to confirm efficient electricity consumption.

1.5. Social Responsibility

Global Impacts of Computer Manufacturing

Compucon supports socially responsible activity like Intel's sourcing policyExternal Website Link (new window) that avoids rare-mineral suppliers that finance armed conflict and human rights abuses in central Africa.

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