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Explore the Compucon website using the "navigation rows" along the top of the screen. The top row shows the main website sections. The second row will change to show different sub-sections depending on the main section that has been selected above.

You can always see at a glance where you are, by noting which sections are highlighted. Right now, you are in the Home main section of the site, and the HELP sub-section. Note how Home and HELP are highlighted in the top and second navigation rows. The position and colour of the highlights "flow down" to clearly indicate the hierarchy of the website.

Other sub-sections within the Home main section include Welcome and Website Map & Information. If you select a different main section, the sub-section list will change.

The Products section adds a third navigation row, with the same multi-level principle helping you to navigate up and down within sections as well as jumping across topics.

shows a complete overview of the Compucon website. This can be a quick way to find a particular topic of interest.

Wherever you are in the website, you can access the Website Map & Information page by selecting Home in the top row, so that the second row changes to show the sub-sections above.

In the example to the right, we are looking at the Custom Configurations page within the Personal Computers section of the Products area.

We have many webpages detailing current product models. These are listed on the relevant product category pages. If you select a product page, you will drop "below" the lowest navigation row.

In the example to the right, see how Custom Configurations is now highlighted differently, to indicate that we have "dropped down" to a product details page.

To go back up to the product category page, click the uniquely highlighted navigation item (Custom Configurations in this example) and you will return to the full product listing.

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