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Reseller Resources

1. Reseller Forms

All of these forms are for NSW only: please contact other branches directly for any required forms.

Word documents: details can be completed by hand or typed in before printing.
Signed forms must be faxed or mailed to us, but can also be emailed for faster processing.

1.1. Reseller Application Form

Details we need if you want to become an Authorised Compucon Reseller.

Email this form
(when completed)
Reseller Application
(Word download, 56k)

1.2. Credit Application Form

The Credit Application Form should be completed only after discussion with Compucon staff about your eligibility.

Email this form
(when completed)
Credit Application
(Word download, 51k)

1.3. Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

Pricing, Delivery, Payment, Order Cancellation, Warranty & Returns.

Updated July 2007

Terms and Conditions of Sale
(PDF download, 78k)
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