Compucon Computers

Compucon Server Computers

1. Custom Configurations

Compucon's sales and engineering staff will work closely with your project team to ensure a cost effective solution.

1.1. Rackmount Server Platforms

Compucon Servers are available in a variety of rackmount chassis from 1U to 5U, depending on rack space constraints and required capacity.


Compucon Centaur V3 with Rackmount Kit

5U — 42W x 22H x 60D (cm)

1.2. Tower Server Platforms

Compucon Servers are also available in various free-standing chassis that provide ample capacity for expansion and redundancy.

Left: Compucon Centaur V3 — 42H x 22W x 60D (cm)

1.3. Supermicro Server Platforms


Compucon imports multiple models of Supermicro SuperServer chassis in rackmount and tower formats.

Supermicro SC732

Supermicro SC745

1.4. Intel Server Architecture

Intel Server Board
Intel Enabled Server Acceleration Alliance

Compucon builds servers using Intel Server Components such as this 5U server platform with dual Intel Xeon processors and multiple hot-swap redundant hard drives, power supplies and cooling fans:

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