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"Partnering to Protect Australia"

Compucon forms partnerships with superior suppliers and specialist contractors to provide the best platform engineering and implementation for every project, including mission-critical front-line Defence installations.

Supermicro-based Compucon Servers are contributing to Australia’s national security in specialised applications like Encrypted Military Communications.

Digital broadcasting systems, used for education and training, are further enhancing Australia's future prosperity.

Encrypted Military Communications

We are proud to contribute to Australia’s Network Centric Warfare program that is taking our defence capability to the forefront of military science. We’ve certified our servers for operation beyond normal temperature limits. Confined spaces, vibration/shock and power source limitations have also been specifically addressed.

Digital Media Networks for Education

Becoming a smarter country includes adopting new education methods, like interactive technologies and extensive use of new media. Our servers ensure maximum availability of digital lesson materials.


Customised by Compucon

Stacks of Supermicro SuperServers.

Above: Compucon Assembly.

Below: Compucon Warehouse.

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