IT Planning

SCT Consulting - IT Planning

Please answer all the questions (compulsory) in regard to IT planning in your business. You can leave comments for each question (optional) if you feel necessary.

You have a short plan that outlines why you need IT, what it is for, and how it is to be used in support of the business.

You know what sort of technology you need to have, what it needs to be compatible with, and what you might need in the future. Don't just buy what another company wants to sell you.

You have an IT budget for the next 12 months that replaces out-of-warranty equipment and buys new technology you need.

You know how long your business can survive without IT before you can't catch up – is it a week? 3 days? 1 day? 1 hour?

You have written down the risks that might occur (from likely to unlikely) and how bad they might be if they do occur (from insignificant to catastrophic).

You have a risk register detailing the worst risks, how they affect the key business function (e.g. sending invoices) and the tasks you need to do to reduce this risk.

You know what your compliance risks are for your industry – does the law mean that you have to manage your data in a particular way, and does everyone working in your business treat your data with appropriate respect?

Your IT projects are never done because they are "fun" but because they support the business.

Your IT projects have a rough business case before implementing.

IT projects have an outline of how they are going to be achieved, when they are to be achieved, and what they need to deliver.